Price : $1,200.00 PWDNS
01-09-15 for sale.
DSL Find.
Excellent for a DSL listing or directory website.

Super old creation date of June 1999, and clean.

All Offers considered.

Estimated to be valued between $3,000 and $8,500.

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LISTWIRELESS.COM List Wireless. Two very strong keywords. Creation Date of 7/1999. All offers considered. Estimated to be valued above $4700. for Sale. Submit your offer for consideration.  All offers considered.  Short domain; only 4 characters!. A popular top level domain of .net! Super aged domain; 2/1999!  First on list; Starts with letter A.  Easy to remember. Can post, tweet…

MYSHOPADS.COM My Shop Ads. Creation Date = 10/2013. All offers considered. SOLD! SOLD in 2010! Website Hosting Directory, or Web Site Hosting Directory. Final sell price not shown here.

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